Freedom Bus


“The Freedom Bus project […] uses interactive theatre and cultural activism to bear witness, raise awareness and build alliances throughout occupied Palestine and beyond.”

The Freedom Theatre



The Freedom Bus project is an initiative of The Freedom Theatre initiated in 2011. International and Palestinian participants join the Freedom Ride annually to visit refugee camps, villages and remote rural communities across the West Bank, to learn about and to support local cultural resistance movements. The Freedom Ride includes interactive workshops, guided walks, volunteer work, political actions and cultural events. Through Playback Theatre, local residents get the chance to share their stories of the realities of life and struggle under the occupation. Freedom Ride organizer Mustafa Sheta “considers the Freedom Ride to be one of the most significant cultural solidarity initiatives in Palestine”. The Freedom Bus project partners with many other organisations, including the Jordan Valley Solidarity and the South Hebron Hills Popular Committee.
To follow the stations and actions of the past Freedom Rides (2015 and 2016) and to get informed about all the news from the Freedom Bus project, please visit the Freedom Bus blog:


“At the heart of all Freedom Bus activities is the belief that active solidarity and creative expression are vital in the journey towards a more just, peaceful and egalitarian world.” – The Freedom Theatre



The photo shows the actors and actresses of the Freedom Theatre during the Freedom Ride 2016 as they perform in the Bedouin village of Mufaqqara, South Hebron Hills. That evening the cave served first as the dinner area, then as a theatre stage and finally as the sleeping room for the Freedom Ride participants.