Project lead


Anika Machura

Together with a lot of support by friends, family and sponsors, I planned the exhibition “Ride for Justice – Non-violent resistance in Palestine” throughout 2016. I hold an interdisciplinary BA degree in Cultural Engineering and am currently writing my Master thesis at the University of Göttingen to gain an MA degree in Ethnology. Since 2012, I developped documentary photography and film skills. After travelling to Israel in spring 2015, I started to focus my personal and academic interests on the Israel-Palestine conflict. Coming from an anthropological background, my particular approach to this topic is an ethnographic one. During the Freedom Bus project I documented ways of cultural resistance, through interviews and photography, especially in areas hardly visited and partly difficult to access. I joined the trip as an ethnologist and as a supporter of cultural activism. With the exhibition I want to raise awareness for the struggles and achievements of Palestinian communities by telling their stories of cultural resistance. A further goal is to support cultural organizations like the Freedom Theatre and all its partners practicing cultural activism.
For the realization of the voluntary exhibition project I received funding by the program Kreativität im Studium (creativity and studies) of the University of Göttingen and AKB foundation, as well as by the Begegnung foundation.


Further contributors:

För Künkel & Renata Gaspar (Berlin) – art installation
Jonathan Michaeli (Göttingen) – photo editing, space concept, exhibition setup
Alexander Swidziniewski (Göttingen) – project assistant
Joshua Kin, Wong Tsz (Göttingen) – graphic design
Judith Schein (Göttingen) – audio editing
Isabel Pagalies (Göttingen) – children’s afternoon program

Special thanks go to

Arif Biter, Rhea Braunwalder, Ekkehart Drost, Matthew Fennessy, Dr. Shir Hever, Cecilia Homilius, Martin Hulpke-Wette, Marita Kappler, Andreas Krauss, Künstlerhaus Göttingen, Karin Machura, Christian Mehns, Prof. Dr. Irene Schneider, Karina Talbott, Franziska Weidle